Taking breaks

Are you purposefully taking breaks during the day? Do you encourage your team members to pause, to have some quiet time and to refocus? What would you (what would they) gain by clearing your mind making space again – as if your mind turned into a blank whiteboard inviting you to playfully add new ideas and insights as you proceed? What is there to lose?

One practice to do right now:

  • Read through the exercise.
  • Turn off any artificial noise (phone, music, PC sound)
  • Find a good position in front of a window. The position should allow you to comfortably sit or stand for a few minutes.
  • Set the timer on your watch for 5 minutes.
  • Look outside the window. Watch and observe. Watch and observe.
  • Be.

Tipp: Do this exercise over the phone with a peer/team member. Instead of “watch and observe”, you “watch, observe and share”. Take turns. If you listen, be present in the listening. If you share, be present in watching and observing.

[Photo by itschansy on Pexels]

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