Sample Sessions & Style

Empowering Global Teams Through Creative Collaboration: Cultivating Curiosity, Connection, and Continuous Growth

As a facilitator, coach and trainer, I guide you through a process that allows you to focus on what matters: working better together.

As a Texturalist and curious mind, I use interactive, playful and creative methods and tools to help you and your teams connect, grow and thrive.

Simply put: Let‘s talk to each other about each other!

Talking about each other is what people often do. It is called gossip and it is not very nice.

Talking to each other also happens a lot, for example in meetings and conferences. These conversations are often project- or task-related.

The key, however, is to talk to each other about each other, because this builds trust, helps teams connect and work together, and uses their curiosity to grow better together.

Are you up for it? Because I certainly am!

Sample Sessions & Topics: Get to know my style

1 day workshop defining a team canvas around purpose, personal as well as team values, key behaviors, and priorities. View here.

2 days workshop to challenge the status quo of a team set-up, and to reimagine, ideate, and create a future state. View here.

2.5 days workshop to help teams navigate when experiencing challenging work environments (company experiencing crisis). View here.

1 day team culture session using the LPP (LINC Personality Profiler) TeamCheck to understand characteristics, motives and competencies of the team members, and how they can better collaborate. View here. 

1 day training on feedback. View here.

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