Creating the character of your company

In my role at The Texturalists, I focus on empowering global teams through creative collaboration while cultivating curiosity, fostering connection, and encouraging continuous growth.

When delving into creating the character of your company, I strive to embrace a philosophy that values teamwork, innovation, and shared progress. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration and transformation, where every interaction and idea shape the unique narrative of your organization.

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The Texturalists

Your Needs

You need to navigate the complexities of today‘s work settings, where leadership and teams extend across locations, countries, and time zones. By providing customized solutions, my goal is to enhance collaboration, stimulate growth, and address prevalent challenges within your workplace effectively.

Sample Sessions & Style

As a facilitator, coach and trainer, I guide you through a process that allows you to focus on what matters: working better together.

Simply put: Let‘s talk to each other about each other!


When you work with me, you will benefit from the wealth of experience I have gained from working with companies and leaders around the world, and from the various training courses I have successfully completed myself.


Explore ebooks, card decks and exercises to get a taste of what we can do together.

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About Me

This is a people business. As much as I love learning more about you and your work, here are a few insights into who I am.

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The Texturalists
Susanne Heiss
Facilitator for Change & Culture
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