Organizations I have worked with either through The Texturalists or in collaboration with key partners:

My clients have kindly fed back the following:

Johannes von Karczewski

Head of Strategic Messaging, Siemens Energy

“Susanne Heiss is a facilitator in the truest sense of the word. In the past 16 months, she has helped us in several team workshops to find and develop ourselves as ONE team. The focus was always on what I particularly associate with “Textures,” namely the German term “Struktur.” Asking the right questions at the right time, spinning the red thread in the jungle of topics and also questioning supposedly too simple answers. All this helped us to grow into a high-performance team. I personally benefited tremendously from many discussions, as they encouraged me to think and reflect, and thus showed me the way to new targets. Thank you Susanne for your always open feedback, your clarity, your humor and especially for a culture of conversation and atmosphere that was always characterized by high trust and reliability. It is a huge pleasure working with you.”

Mike Scott

Senior Director of External Communications & Marketing, HitachiRail

“Bringing a global virtual team together is never easy. Finding a common culture across nationalities and different business units is a real challenge. Susanne’s counsel and facilitation helped our team to take some important steps on that journey, and she lived to her motto of “play with purpose”.
I recommend Susanne to any leader who is looking to bring a large group together (whether virtual or in real life) and who wants to enjoy the process of building teams, solving problems, and getting things done.”

Nicole Knödler

HR, TransnetBW GmbH

“Working with Susanne is really great. The coordination meetings are cooperative and at eye level, she responds to all suggestions and ideas and still brings her own touch. We receive very positive feedback from the participants because she makes her workshops lively and involves everyone without making a digital training boring. The topic of feedback and communication has become much more noticeable in the company by the new colleagues thanks to these workshops.”

Kathleen Noonan

Head of Employee Engagement, Siemens Energy

“New to Siemens Energy, I sought Susanne’s support to help me and our team build a cohesive, fun, high performing environment where we could do our best work. Susanne and I initially worked closely together to map out a multi-month plan to achieve this goal. Susanne was instrumental in helping our team build a shared charter and set of behaviors that created trust and established a path forward. Her deep experience means that she understands and respects the nuances of how to successfully navigate and build teams in multinational, multi-culture environments and she seeks to get to the root of what motivates people so that they can bring their best to their work and environment. We couldn’t have made the progress we did in 18 months without Susanne’s guidance and support.”

Nora Szukics

HR, Nutanix

“It was such a great experience to partner with you on the design and the delivery of our session, Susanne! You were extremely reliable throughout the entire process, providing us with the exact support and guidance we needed. I really appreciate the way you collaborated with our team, resulting in a seamless virtual experience and delivery.”

Mica Allan

Mica Allan Consulting

“I’ve been on two of Susanne’s training courses – an introduction to LEGO® Serious Play and a pilot of one of her new programmes, Feeling with Intent – and I wanted to share how impressed I am.
Susanne is someone that really takes care of things in terms of systems, processes and people.
She’s organised and efficient and takes pride in doing things well. She is always well prepared. Her facilitation skills are superb. She’s an attentive listener, who picks up on the essence of what’s going on and she’s warm and compassionate and great at creating a welcoming and safe space.
I’m so glad that Susanne is working in learning and development. She makes a real difference both in terms of what she does and how she does it. Thank you, Susanne.”

Tim Proll-Gerwe

Head of Media Relations, Siemens Energy

“Susanne has played a decisive role in bringing us closer together as a team and developing a common approach. This is mainly due to the fact that she has a very good feeling for each individual team member. What I value most are the open feedback discussions with her, which help me to take a different perspective on things.”

Emilie ten Bokkel Huinink

Group Manager Human Resources, Rijk Zwaan

“Susanne is a great facilitator and much more. She knows how to inspire a team, thinks with the client and understands different perspectives. Her creative approach and personal commitment led to excellent results. Her professionalism, dedication and ability to motivate others is to be admired. She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the end result is of a high quality”.

Ines Kuster

Founder Redballoon Performance Marketing

“Dear Susanne, I would like to thank you once again for the enlightening discussion about my Linc personality profile. Overall, the evaluation of the profile was very interesting and exactly right. With your open, cordial manner, you addressed the most important points and made it easy to talk about personal matters. You also managed to make me aware of existing resources and successes/developments. Thanks to your impulses, I came away from the meeting with new vigour and a new perspective on the future of my work. Simply fantastic! I would recommend working with you to anyone who wants to reflect and develop and needs an empathetic perspective from the outside.”

My accreditations & certifications to best support you


  • Facilitator for Change (ECA accredited)
  • Certified Business Coach (EASC accredited)
  • LINC Personality Profiler Trainer & Coach
  • Insights Discovery Accreditation
  • Cultural Assessment Trainer with Barrett Values Centre,
  • Certified Consultant on the Emotional Culture Deck by Riders & Elephants,
  • Lego Serious Play Facilitator for Online & Onsite Workshops as well as for System Model Build by SeriousWork,
  • Playmobil® Pro Facilitator
  • Facilitator for Leadership E-Games by Actee
  • Facilitator for Design Sprints by AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp