About Me

Ten things you may wish to know about me:

1 My values are continuous learning, independence and creativity.

2 I live in Heidelberg, but love working with people from all over the world. Online. On site. In English, in German. Or anything in between….

3 I am passionate about playful tools and methods that engage the senses and create community.

4 When I am not working for you, I love to create textures: with fabric, paper, paint or thread. Always experimenting. Always learning.

5 If you invite me for a good ice cream, I will go very far. Even further for salted caramel.

6 I love poetry, but I can hardly remember any poems.

7 My favorite word in English is squirrel. I like the sound of it (apart from the animal itself). It sounds so playful, fun and easy.

8 The most beautiful light I have ever seen was the morning and evening light on Elba, Italy.

9 If you told me I was a curious person, I would say thank you.

10 There have been two situations where I have been emotionally broken in a business context. The first led me to change jobs and taught me a lot about the importance of corporate culture. The second led me to where I am today.

Two things you may wish to know about The Texturalists:

texture, noun. / ˈtekstʃə /

The character of a company, often reflected in its culture, encompasses how engaging, open, collaborative, giving, forgiving, inclusive, and diverse it feels when experienced and lived. This texture defines the essence of your organization, shaping its identity and influencing how individuals interact within its ecosystem.

texturalists, noun. / ˈtɛksʧrəlɪsts /

Individuals and teams who prioritize not only the tasks at hand but also the behaviors in which they interact, and who thrive to create environments where sharing, growing, exploring, and innovating feel meaningful and fulfilling.