Embracing vulnerability

Have you given much thought to vulnerability lately? Do you allow yourself and others in your team to show vulnerability at work and not just to expose the superpowers? After all, what does it mean to you: to be vulnerable?

Here is an exercise that you can do by yourself for introspection and self-reflection, or that can you also do as a team once psychological safety is established:

  • Each person draws a horizontal line. This line ressembles your life line.
  • Now add incidents and milestones of your life. You decide what those incidents are: graduation, a year abroad or a specific vacation, the first job, marriage, divorce, children, the loss of dear one, promotion etc.
  • After you have added a number of milestones or incidents of your choice, reflect on what made you add exactly those incidents. Why was the graduation important? What does “graduation” stand for? What did it entail? How did you feel at the time? What was good and what was bad about it?

As you make your way through each milestone, you will realize how vulnerable we have felt and have been during certain times, and how these occurrences have helped us to become the person we are today.

[Photo by Klaus Nielsen on Pexels]

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