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Playing with Intent free download

A Culture of Feedback (incl. journaling pages for self reflection) – coming soon

Card Decks

Taking Action with Intent
This set of cards will inspire you to take action.

This set of cards allows you to zoom in on photographs and textures – for check-ins, feedback, change, check-outs, retrospectives…

Values & Questions
This card set comes with two decks. One of values to help you define your personal, team or organisational values. The other is a set of questions to help you expand on any given topic or in relation to any of the other decks.

About the card decks: Please contact me to find out more and how you would like to see these embedded in your workshops.

Sample Exercises

  • Action Tracker PDF and fillable PDF
  • Brainwriting PDF
  • Check-in / Check-out PDF
  • Hand & Palm PDF
  • Learning Tracker PDF and fillable PDF
  • Peer2Peer Coaching PDF
  • Personal Accountability PDF
  • Strength Core Quadrants PDF

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