Valueing the little things

Have you recently valued the little things that your team and colleagues have achieved and done well? As a team, have you celebrated the little wins? Have shared your appreciation with your team and colleagues giving back the sparkles, making them even brighter?

Here are some ideas – there are many more. Please share yours!

  • Send a little note to your team members or colleagues letting them know of the sparkle you noticed in their work, and why or how this bright spot adds value to the team. By leading with example, others may follow and send notes of appreciation to their peers.
  • Depending on the physical distance between you and the other person as well as the appropriateness of your (national or business) culture, you can also send a postcard. Receiving snail mail brings joy and smiles. Just make sure to timely post the card after you have seen the sparkle and the win.
  • At the end of each week, invite the team to share three things that went well for them. These do not have to  be huge achievements but can be small things that made their day or that they feel grateful for. Appreciate and value these bright spots that may be very personal but which will create proximity and engagement in the team.

[Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash]

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