Are you a pro in active listening?

Do you take the time to focus on the speaker, and on what they are saying or not-saying? Are you present when you meet colleagues or distracted by doing something in parallel? Do you avoid judging, and acknowledge instead what you have heard?

Here are six key active listening skills for you to explore:

  • Pay attention: Give your undivided attention. Pssst: body language speaks as well!
  • Look at the other: Make eye contact; in virtual meetings: put the camera on.
  • Pause: Do not interrupt. Invite silence into the conversation.
  • Reflect:  Repeat or paraphrase to show comprehension.
  • Clarify: Ask questions to ensure correct understanding.
  • Summarize: Repeat in your own words giving the speaker the chance to correct.

[Photo by Dan Burton on Unsplash]

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