A culture of giving feedback

Are you maintaining a culture of giving feedback? Are you also asking for receiving feedback? Do you seek to understand the perspectives of the giver and the receiver? And. have you thought about how regular regular feedback should occur?

Here are some ideas with regards to feedback culture:

  • Create a culture of feedback means enabling employees & managers to give and to receive feedback. This can include training to get familiar with the Do’s and Don’ts of giving and receiving feedback.
  • Think about the regularity and frequency of when to ask for feedback or when to give it. It might not be enough to limit feedback rounds to the yearly performance reviews. It is much better to implement a regular cadence.
  • Introduce tools for feedback: Whether it is an e-mail, an app, a dedicated intranet site or face-to-face feedback – introduce the tools and dedicate time and effort to nourish your feedback culture.

[Photo by Ann H. on Pexels]

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