Managing the extroverted

When in a (team) meeting do you manage extroverts well? How can you encourage extroverts to bring their enthusiasm and candor to the meeting while at the same time have them respect their more silent peers?

Here is some food for thought and some things to consider:

  • Set-up rules at the beginning of a meeting that everyone agrees to. Include respecting different energy styles, the need for breaks or silence or how to formulate feedback. When in recurring (team) meetings, pull these ground rules back up as a reminder or have them ready if needed.
  • Give extroverts a role in which they can contribute without dominating the conversation e.g. have them wearing one of the six hats or ask them to co-facilitate by being time-keeper.
  • Speak to them individually to make them aware of their energy style and invite them to listen, reflect, and become open to the perspectives of their more silent peers.

[Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels]

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