Empathy map = user perspectives

How would you want to capture knowledge about your users‘ behaviors and attitudes?

Try an empathy map.

An empathy map will reveal your users‘ perspectives along with their goals and challenges.

This is what you do:

  • Empathy mapping is a qualitative method so you will need qualitative input: interviews, field studies, listening sessions etc.
  • I have found the Say / Do / Think / Feel template to be simple, visual and fast.
  • Virtually/Physically layout the four quadrants Say / Do / Think / Feel and have the team add sticky notes based on the research.
  • Say & Do may seem easier, however Think & Feel will put you in the shoes of the users. Based on your research, make an educated guess and an appreciative assumption on your users‘ thoughts and feelings.
  • In each of the four quadrants, cluster similar notes or group them into themes.

Empathy maps are most useful at the beginning of a design process – they help converge the information you have received and the observations you have made to meaningful insights about your users‘ needs.

[Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels]

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