Do something new

When was the last time you went to the supermarket to buy food you had never bought before? Mine was the other week, and I had bought a jar of grilled olives.

Stepping into the shoes of someone else can be as easy or as difficult as we would like it to be. However, the impact of changing our perspectives will be huge based on the insights we will gain.

We can start small and with little effort:

  • Buy something new in the grocery story or even better, only buy things you have never bought before.
  • Visit a new place in your neighbourhood.

We can increase our efforts and ressources:

  • View an exhibition in a museum if you wish to explore how to break down information in small learning units for a variety of customers
  • Go to a busy coffee store and see how people interact, collaborate, work or simply enjoy a beverage if you are keen to improve informal workspace areas for your own business.

Gaining insights and learnings, changing perspectives, challenging our (encrusted) ways of thinking & standard routines: Your way to more empathy simply means looking at the world with fresh eyes. A jar of grilled olives can be a revelation….or not.

[Photo by Felipe Paes on Pexels]

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