The What

Congratulations! Reading this means you care. You care about your team, how they work together, trust each other and how they build connections. Well done!

Reading this also means that you will have questions. How to help your team members to develop & grow so that they benefit from each other through collaboration and partnership? How to work in engaging and trusting teams, and how to align while embracing differences?

Congratulations again! Questions are a great start to unlocking rooms.

So, what is it you want to create or build, transform or adapt, reconsider or move away from?


Please reach out if you like to explore one of the following areas:

Team development & Team growth

Growing the team together, building trust, supporting accountability & ownership, working better together, fostering ideation & creativity

Employee Engagement

Taking a deep dive after employee surveys & addressing focus areas, building alignment within the team and with the leadership, creating brave & safe spaces

Behavioral & Emotional Culture

Capturing the what & how, embracing emotional understanding & support, leading from the heart & hand

Transformation & Change

Reconsidering values & identity, respecting resistance levels & emotional impacts, strengthening or building teams, adapting to growth & learning

Learning & Training

Offering trainings in communications & storytelling, feedback, failure & retros, accountability & ownership, resilience & well-being

Looking forward to hearing from you. I am just a digital doorstep away!

Johannes von Karczewski

Head of Strategic Messaging, Siemens Energy


“Susanne Heiss is a facilitator in the truest sense of the word. In the past 16 months, she has helped us in several team workshops to find and develop ourselves as ONE team. The focus was always on what I particularly associate with “Textures,” namely the German term “Struktur.” Asking the right questions at the right time, spinning the red thread in the jungle of topics and also questioning supposedly too simple answers. All this helped us to grow into a high-performance team. I personally benefited tremendously from many discussions, as they encouraged me to think and reflect, and thus showed me the way to new targets. Thank you Susanne for your always open feedback, your clarity, your humor and especially for a culture of conversation and atmosphere that was always characterized by high trust and reliability. It is a huge pleasure working with you.”

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