My Why

Some years ago, I was looking for a new job. I applied to a company which told me they would foster a dynamic and innovative culture – young in mind but strong in their tradition. I accepted the role, only then to find myself in a very old-fashioned, hierarchical culture. A company with a culture that may aspire to be energetic and fresh at some point in the future, but which was definitely lacking the reality of it nor taking the necessary steps to making it happen anytime soon. I quit after one year realizing that the two of us were not a great fit. That I was not the person the company needed, nor was the company offering me the texture to strive and to excel. How could things have gone so wrong? 

By building, maintaining, and developing your culture, we look at the texture of your company and teams. 

How does your culture represent your values? How can you embrace the diversity of employees enabling them to lean in with the various backgrounds and mindsets they have yet allowing them to find identity, pride and the willingness to explore, invest and grow with you? What are the visible and invisible attributes and characteristics of your culture, and how can you make them tangible for employees and teams? 

Our aim should be to be a great fit. For ourselves, our employees, our organizations. 

With The Texturalists I enable teams and people to fabricate their own textures. Because I care about the fit.

Mike Scott

Senior Director of External Communications & Marketing, HitachiRail


“Bringing a global virtual team together is never easy. Finding a common culture across nationalities and different business units is a real challenge. Susanne’s counsel and facilitation helped our team to take some important steps on that journey, and she lived to her motto of “play with purpose”.
I recommend Susanne to any leader who is looking to bring a large group together (whether virtual or in real life) and who wants to enjoy the process of building teams, solving problems, and getting things done.”

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